Aid Trip July-2018 at Ba Ria Orphanage & the Disability Centre in Vung Tau

This year Dr Ross Napoli and Alan Fassina had an extraordinary opportunity to work with the long-established Australian Vietnam Volunteers Resource Group (AVVRG) in the Dental Care team at Long Tan, which is periodically visited by Australian dentists able to assist locals with dental care. The provision of dental care and dental hygiene education is a low priority matter in Vietnam. Also, the ready availability of sugary sweets in Vietnam results in a very high rate of dental caries in children.

Sponsor: Single Use Dental Instruments

In conjunction with Ba Ria – Vung Tau Health Department, the Dental Care Team is currently pursuing an oral health care program in the region with the availability of portable dental equipment which enabled the team to travel to the children in Ba Ria Orphanage and the disability centre in Vung Tau.

Photo: Ross Napoli and Alan Fassina at Ba Ria – Vung Tau.
Sponsor: Single Use Dental Instruments

In this trip, Dr Ross Napoli and Dr Alan Fassina also provided treatment at the disability centre in Vung Tau, where many of the residents are disabled with a large proportion of them blind. The team were kindly assisted by 2 local medical doctors who also donated their time and acted as translators, assistants and guides.

Photo: Dr Ross Napoli and Dr Alan Fassina treating the blind in Vung Tau.

Last but not least, the team has spent some time to pay their respects to the fallen in the Region and in particular, the Australian soldiers who notably lost their lives in the Battle of Long Tan. The Long Tan Cross is at the Battle sit. “it was a both a humbling experience and a pleasure to be of assistance to the lovely people of Vietnam” said Dr. Ross Napoli.

The SA Dental Care Team acknowledges our sponsor – Single Use who help donate instruments which were used for treatments.